Monday, August 21, 2006
Kid Meme
Katrina over at Callapidder Days, tagged me to do a meme - "Three Things About Each of My Kids." I didn't even have to pay her to ask me to post on a favorite subject. My kind of blogger.

Note: Dan, fresh home from the hospital and already howling.
Look at the faces on the other two!
Make him stop! How do you make him stop?
We had no clue.

Starting at the top, Sarah, our oldest.

#1 Sarah was born during the bi-centennial year, when I was still a child myself. Having her at age 20, we did some growing up together, both of us, for about the first fifteen years.

#2 She would have been left-handed, if I'd let her. I wanted to teach her to embroider, crochet, and write without her hand all bent over, so I forced her to be right-handed. She's still a bit ambidextrious. If I tried to eat with my left hand, I'd have food on my face. I would also likely be skinnier. (There's a thought...). She embroiders and crochets, both right-handed, both beautifully, if I say so myself. She can also eat with both hands, in lady-like fashion. If eating with both hands could be called that.

#3 She really, really is a better mom than I was. So far. (The teen years tell it, I think. They also introduced me to Hydriance.) Her children are really well behaved. When we go to Walmart and see other children, it's confirmed. She somehow manages to be consistent, firm, yet loving and fun to boot. I was more firm, yet loving. Not as much fun. Her kids are blessed to have her for their mommy. I'm blessed to have her as my daughter.

College for Sarah, teen years for Dan and Leslie.
They look nice, don't they?

Leslie, the proverbial middle child.

#1 Our family generally refers to Leslie as "the weirdest person we know." She is. She's actually a lot like her cousin, Mandy, who was born 27 days before her. She happens to look a lot like her sister-in-law, Janae, who is two months younger than her. That may be part of why her brother married Janae. Tall, beautiful brunettes, both of them.

#2 She has a weird attachment to all animals (see item above). She's brought home more stray, wounded, pitiful animals. Infested with fleas. Some a bit creepy. She always insisted we keep them, nurse them back to health. Now that she's an adult, she still does that. I think it shows her heart. She has the gift of compassion and that extends to the four-leggeds of the world. I love that in her, especially now that the animals go to her house, not mine.

#3 She's about to jump into motherhood, any ole day. Landon is expected September 1. I expect the first item - her weird approach to life, will make him one blessed baby. I also hope he gets some of his Daddy's freckles and football ability. We're already looking forward to sitting in the stands somewhere, cheering him on someday.

I can't tell you how much two of the three hate this photo. Okay, maybe all three.
Notice the matching dresses for Sarah and Leslie, THAT tells you how long ago
this one was taken.

Dan, "the baby", (all 6'3", 200 lbs of him).

#1 Both the girls tell me he's "the favorite". He'll be quick to confirm that for you. (Mothers don't have favorites, but don't tell him that. He'd just argue with you.) He IS my favorite boy in the whole wide world. I'm also glad he's my only boy. I wasn't woman enough to raise two boys. Hats off to my mother, who raised four! She earned the right to have a bit of twitch, yes she did!

#2 He started out as a wild, wooly baby. Dark, thick, crazy hair, flat nose, funny looking although I thought he was beautiful. He didn't care about personal hygiene for the first 12 years or so. Wore hole-in-the-knee sweats to school for years. With mismatched t-shirts. Amazing to me still, he turned out very handsome, well-dressed , and takes showers as needed.

# 3 This kid made me read "When You Feel Like Screaming", "Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours", and "Strong-Willed Child." (All good books by the way). He was a rolling dirt-ball of noise, temper, and competitiveness. Knock me over with a noodle - he turned out to be quiet, soft-spoken, tender hearted, a gentleman who says 'Ma'am' and calls me regularly. Wish I'd know that when he was four. Likely, most moms of 4 year old little boys would like to know that.

Taken a year or so ago, they won't like this one either, but I do.
It's my blog and nobody is in their underwear or anything, so it's staying.

Our three kids - took all we had, sometimes when we didn't have it. Worth it all. Wish I could do it again (okay - not really, but it sounds nice.)

Thank the Lord I didn't have more than three, blogger is completely possessed today, and loading any more photos would have taken the whole livelong day. Today's to do list includes a few nonessentials like clean, laundry, bills, and, as always - paint a bit.

I'm tagging Barb, my Mom, Sarah, Krissy, and Mandy, who has a whole classroom full and should be able to tell us a few things about them. I believe school is back in session today. (Mandy, I'm trusting you to tell us about the whole group in general, not 21 entries...or nobody will ever tag me again!).

  posted at 11:31 AM

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