Sunday, January 07, 2007
Curling up with a Good Book...

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I mentioned I'd do an update on the books we've been ordering into the bookstore at our church. Personally, I've ordered many of the ones on my 2007 reading list (my sidebar). They're sitting in a pile in my bedroom, and I gaze at them now and then. I honestly think I may need to pencil in a weekly "date" by myself, at our local coffee shop, just to curl up with what I'm currently reading. When you're at home, it's just too easy to do something else.

It's been awhile since I posted anything about the doin's in the store. Last night I was manning the sales desk. I looked up to see a little boy standing in front of me. "Have you seen my Mommy? She was just here, and now I can't find her." I asked his name. He said, "Ethan." I told Ethan if he'd just stay right there in the door of the store, I was sure she'd come back soon. In the meantime, would he like to look at some of my books? He asked, "Do you have any Veggie Tales?" I took him to two different shelves in the store. We found one book that has sounds along the front side, and also a nice boardbook. He sat down on the floor, in the doorway and played happily til his mom showed up. Oh that we had that faith! He'd never seen me. He asked, I told him if he'd just wait she'd show up. He never questioned. Just played happily til she did.

This morning we had a woman bring in her elderly mother-in-law, who has recently moved in with her. She asked me if we had Thomas Kinkaid's book: "A Grandmother Remembers..." I was able to order it for her. It was so touching to me to see my friend's gentle handling of her MIL. She'd found something she could do, to fill her time, to feel useful, to leave an imprint. Jennifer likely didn't know, but she ministered to me by being so loving.

A middle-aged man came in with a quite elderly woman, who carried her worn-out Bible in one hand, and a cane in the other. It was falling apart. I congratulated her on wearing it out. He asked if we could get it rebound. I told him we could not, but I'd find out who could, how, and how much. She smiled at me. I would never have suggested she buy a new one. One look at that Bible, I could imagine the notes in the margins. Someday it will be given to someone in her family. What a treasure to hold the Bible she held for so long. I felt like I was looking at something Holy.

We had a couple come in and they asked for good devotionals for each of them. We sold several copies of the One Year Bible. One man bought a book called, "What the Bible is All About." We sold numerous copies of "If You Want to Walk on Water." It's the book our men's group will be studying beginning next Wednesday. I loved seeing all these men line up to buy this book.

We're not a store - we're ministry. Sometimes we minister to them. Sometimes they minister to the women behind the counter, even when they don't know it. We just happen to sell stuff.

So - what are we ordering in?

#1 More copies of the One Year Bible - a great way to read through it in a calendar year.
#2 Sanctuary Bible (for me). It looks so lovely and inviting. I can't wait to get it.
#3 Journals mentioned by Dianne at Unfinished Work - out of Hawaii.
#4 To Own a Dragon - Donald Miller (his story of growing up fatherless).
#5 Men Are Like Waffles, Women are Like Spaghetti - Bill Farrell
#6 Why I jumped, Tina Zahn (true life story of woman who suffered post-partum depression)
#7 A Life That Says Welcome - Karen Ehmer (on simple hospitality)
#8 Many CS Lewis works, but I'm especially excited about "Letters to an American Lady", and also Pilgrim's Regress, his first written work after becoming a Christian, of his conversion.
#9 Simple Christmas, Guide to a Meaningful & Stress-Free Christmas, Sharon Hanby-Robie
#10 Writing for the Soul, Jerry Jenkins
#11 Lord, I Give You This Day, 366 Appts with God, Kay Arthur
#12 Having a Mary Spirit, Allowing God to Change Us Inside Out, Joanna Weaver
#13 Tendering the Storm, Jane Kirkpatrick (awesome author of fiction)
#14 Uprooting Anger, Biblical Answer to a Common Problem, Robert Jones
#15 Video - One Night With the King (I missed it at the theater) story of Esther
#16 Whispers of Winter, Tracie Peterson, Alaska series, #3
#17 Brethren, Beverly Lewis, Annie's People, #3
#18 First Light, Sue Monk Kidd (her early years as a writer, during her spiritual wakening).

Our Senior Pastor has told us, repeatedly, if you're using your gifts, serving in the right place, it should be the best part of your day. You should look forward to it. I could use a little bit less time on the cash register, but I love being in this place. I love books so much. Sometimes I find myself wishing I could just hold them to my forehead and absorb the contents. Others, I would be completely fulfilled to curl up for an entire afternoon with one of them. The books are great - but seeing people come through the door, knowing we might make a difference through our ministering to them. We might be able to point them to a book to help them with something they're struggling with, face a fear, deal with grief, strengthen their marriage, understand their teenager, straighten out their finances.

And sometimes we just babysit for a few minutes here and there.


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