Thursday, February 15, 2007
Chilly Thursday Thirteen
Since I'm headed out today to spend some time at the bookstore, it's all of THREE degrees here, and life feels a bit like a scene from Groundhog Day, looking at the bright side of winter seemed appropriate. Here then - 13 things I love about winter.

#1 The look of the snow when it's first fallen, especially if it's late at night. Pure, white snow covering everything. Moon shadows cast here and there. Nothing speaks peace like a fresh layer of snow.

#2 Seeing the detail of bare tree branches, or blades of tall grass, dressed in ice. Only God could make a bare tree beautiful.

#3 The sound my boots make as I make my way across the yard, to retrieve the paper or mail. A nice, firm crunch that only happens when the yard is blanketed in deep, icy snow.

#4 Being a part of all our neighbors, out shoveling their walks and driveways, at the same time. There's this feeling of comraderie when that happens. It resembles a Norman Rockwell painting, dogs running around, the kids playing in the yard while the parents are digging out.

#5 Not having to envy anyone's figure on a cold day. We all look a bit like the Pillsbury Dough Boy when we're bundled up. Add to that long, striped scarves, funny hats with tassles on the ends, and the fact that nobody is showing any inch of skin that really should stay covered - what's not to love?

#6 Standing and talking to a neighbor, both of us ignoring the fact that our noses are running down our face, headed south, toward our mouths. We wipe our noses on our gloves, because there's nothing else handy. It happens. To all of us. So we just politely ignore it. But we don't shake hands - that would be icky.

#7 The glorious days, now and then, when I look out and a neighbor is shoveling us out! Just because she said "they have cabin fever, are gaining weight staying inside too much eating comfort food and wanted to get some extra exercise." Glory Be!

#8 Watching our dog stand at the back door, whining to go out, when it's in single digits. When he gets out there, he shoves his face into the snow, all the way up to his eyes, taking big gulps of it. Soon as he's had his snowy fix, he begins to chase his tail, just for the sheer joy of being so cold. Cheap entertainment.

#9 Not mowing grass, or watering and weeding flowers.

#10 Now and then, when I drive down my street, seeing a snowman, complete with Dad's stolen cap, someone's scarf, a carrot nose, big rock eyes, and stick arms. Who ever drove by someone's house at night, saw kids sitting in front of the TV and found that charming? Kids building a snowman - THAT'S charming.

#11 How safe I feel, bundled up in all my layers and boots, strapped in, next to my husband, who is also in all his layers and boots, strapped in, as we head out in our big ole SUV. You don't really feel safe unless there's a threat, and I love that safe feeling. It feels a little like being in our own world.

#12 There are never traffic jams in a snowstorm. Never long lines in the grocery store. Or waits at the restaurants. The harder it snows, the better time it is to go do anything. I still remember casually telling my husband I was hungry for pancakes one night when it was snowing to beat the band. He said, "well then, let's go get some." We did. It was the best date, for under $15.00.

#13 At the end of a cold, snowy day, coming home to take off all those layers and boots, pull my snow cap off and laugh at my funny smushed hair, running the bath with scalding water, and climbing in the tub with an ice cold diet coke and a book. Staying there til I've completely shriveled up. You can't do that in August. Only at the end of a cold, winter's day.


  posted at 8:10 AM

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