Sunday, May 06, 2007
Sampler of Seven
DJ at Chocoholic tagged me for this meme. I've haven't done a meme in a coon's age (and it was worth it, just getting to say that, since all our kids think I tend to talk in ancient slang sayings a high percentage of the time). What's not to love about a post that doesn't have to flow, be profound, have great quotes, etc.?

So here goes:

#1 I talk to myself a lot of the time. I like to think everyone else does too, but my family teases me about it, so maybe it's just me wandering down the grocery aisles having a running conversation? If I'm paying bills, it's a veritable smorgasbord of chatter, sometimes with several of us piping in. Trying to figure out the instructions to put something together - mercy, but it gets loud!

#2 I'm strong, but not very brave. I can generally endure whatever life throws at me, sometimes with grace, or at least faith, only falling apart after the crisis is over, but put a grasshopper in front of me and I freeze. Any beetle, large spiders, chickens, rabbits, horses, lizards - they all semi-terrify me. I am seeing, as I get older, that I'm getting over some of this. I can touch a moth now, and if I ever am able to pick up a lizard I'll be throwing a party for myself. Things that could never really harm me make my pulse race; flying across the country, the dark, being alone - that stuff doesn't phase me. God can cover that stuff, but he can't make a lizard unlizardy. I'm determined to eventually be able to hold one in my hand...

#3 I don't really care for chocolate and really dislike the dark stuff. I do like things made with chocolate like brownies, or german chocolate cake. If the dessert table has chocolate and anything else as the choices, I'll choose the latter. Unless there's a cold glass of milk to wash it down. My husband likes chocolate enough for both of us. My son, Dan is right there with me. He likes it less than I do. But he and I can do some damage to cheesecake! (Strawberries on mine please).

#4 I'd have 3+ dogs and 7+ cats if my husband would let me. He won't. I've had a cat for the last 36 years, and sleep better at night if my current feline, Miah, is curled up in bed next to me. She's my living teddy bear. I've never owned a pet that slept outdoors, there's no way that would happen. They LIVE with us. The dog even has his own bedroom, and goes in there everynight at bedtime. Yes, as a matter of fact, our house IS covered in pet hair.

#5 I'm a very organized person, pretty efficient. I'm learning organized clutter is still clutter, and relationships are more important than efficiency. When I die, I don't want them standing around at the visitation saying, "man, was that Bev organized or what?!" I'd rather they say I was a barrel of fun, had a big heart for others, loved the Lord, and not in that order. That doesn't necessarily lend itself to having the neatest house on the block, or always being on time. And that's quite okay. So I'm in the process of tossing out the clutter a bit, and investing in relationships a lot. Which means I'm not on time as much as I used to be. I'm okay with that. My hairdresser isn't so much.

#6 When I'm happy, it's hard for me to sleep in, even if I'm really tired. I wake up, excited over all the day holds, and just can't stay in bed. I love to wake up with the sun streaming across the bedroom, through the slats of the blinds on the window. The last thing I do at night, after I turn off the light, is open the blinds so I can be greeted with the morning sun. (Sounds a bit like a Beatles song, doesn't it?)

#7 I know God had purpose in making all the seasons, that there's a time for the earth (and us) to rest. I know there's beauty in mounds of snow covering everything. When the hardwood trees' leaves start turning, it's glorious to behold. But this time of year, when you can see life bursting out all around you, when the breeze carries the smell of roses or the neighbor's grill cooking away, watching birds busy at nestbuilding, hearing the kids outside playing on the jungle gyms or someone's motorcycle roaring up the street, and feeling the grass between your toes right after you've mowed it, then tasting a glass of cold lemonaide, or watermelon, or brats cooked on the grill, ice cream from the stand that is only open 6 months out of the year, it's hard not to be crazy about that. I know He's here through all the seasons, I just am more aware of him this time of year. Oh how I love Spring!

So the rule of this meme is to tag seven; hmmmmm. How 'bout Sandy at Because Nice Matters, Susie at Pink Carnation in Bloom (she's adorable), Mayhem & Miracles, Diane, Sandra at SAHM, Dianne at Unfinished Work, and Clemntine at What's Up Buttercup. I'm not leaving them a comment, telling them they've been tagged, because they'll maybe eventually come over here and see for themselves, and if they don't then they don't need the pressure of one more thing to do. If anyone else wants to jump in and do this, feel free. I'm all about feeling free lately.

Happy Sunday everyone, spend some time outdoors if you're able. You'll sleep better tonight. And before you turn out the lights, open the blinds. Great way to start tomorrow, with the sun streaming across the sheets.


  posted at 8:49 AM

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