Thursday, September 06, 2007
A Bit of This and That
In spite of being miserably unskilled at anything mathematical, I tend to be overly analytical. When I took piano lessons, the teacher finally opened the lid of the piano and showed me how chords worked, since my pea brain wouldn't couldn't just accept that they did. Being consistent, I overthink blogging. Here's a rundown of the quagmire I'm currently wallowing in.

Issue #1 - It's certainly not that I don't want to stay in touch with other bloggers, but all the living breathing people within a mile or so of my door keep me hopping most days, not to mention those I'd donate an organ to who live 1200 miles or 1500 miles away, in different directions. Finding time to be relational with a lot of bloggers is a struggle for me, and likely many of you.

Issue #2 - I read an article, 7 Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers by Jim Durbin, my sister Barb referenced, regarding Blogging versus Writing. The author said there's a difference, that blogging isn't writing. I see his points, but disagree a bit too. While I won't take time here to link ad nauseum, I've read some good writing out in blogland. For those who want to blog relationally, maybe it's not a struggle, although I think most of us are still trying to figure out the whole read/comment thing. For anyone who wants to 'write', relational blogging can take so much time, you end up choosing between 'writing', doing a meme, posting family photos, and doing the laundry or cooking supper or sleeping. And that doesn't even take into account that you might have a few other 'hobbies'. Finding time for it all baffles me most days. I've started a new blog just for writing on those subjects I'm currently overthinking, and haven't decided if and when to divulge it's url address. Still pondering that. Everyone needs a place to vent, and my girlfriends might find it easier to love me if it's on cyber-paper rather than to their ears.

Issue #3 - if all that isn't enough, when you combine being very analytical and tending to think (too) deeply - true family blogging can be a struggle too. I may be very misinformed, but I assume many of you can write when you have family issues, because they (family) either don't know you have a blog, or don't care and wouldn't read it anyway. My MIL happens to be almost 95, so I could vent as much as I wanted about her, but most of the rest of my family either blogs themselves, or reads my rants and raves here, at least occasionally, and knowing you have that audience can make writing difficult. Sometimes reading is too. I'm not sure it's healthy to see into each other's lives too much, and too often. If anyone out there can relate, feel free to leave me a comment so I don't feel completely alone in this.

Writing is a way for me to process whatever's going on in my little corner of the world, especially when it seems just a bit too much. I took some time to think through how I want to handle it, and don't have a complete answer. I considered deleting this blog, but decided against it for now. Deleting it would have been an easy out to some issues I need to work through. It is a means to keeping up with family and friends who are scattered over an 1800 mile span. Some are right here in our town, but we stay in touch this way. Other than our yearly Christmas card, it's the only way some friends will see that Don and I are aging remarkably well, and all our children are, like those in Garrison Keiller's book, Lake Woebegon, "smarter and better lookin' than average."

So if you've stuck with me this far, and keeping with the single clearcut purpose of this blog, on a cheery, non-analytical note, here are a few shots of what we've been up to:

Our son Dan flew in to surprise Don for his 9th no-smoking anniversary. He just showed up at the breakfast table, and Don was absolutely shocked. We had a great weekend, trip to Cabela's, Dan and Don had lunch alone, dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with Leslie and Jeremy, then Dan helped us celebrate Landon's birthday party before he flew back to Dallas. This was taken at Saturday morning coffee. Don took the day off when he found out Dan was here.

Our youngest grandchild, Landon turned the big one! Originally planned for the town park, rain threatened so the party was moved to our house last minute. This was taken in our kitchen, with about 30 people singing to him. He didn't know what to think of it all. The party eventually moved down to the basement for opening presents, and I was sure glad Leslie and I had cleaned it up a bit. It never would have held everyone in it's before stage.

This was taken at Chuckie Cheese, and it had been a good 20 years since Don and I were there. They've jazzed it up a bit, very techno-savvy. The evening ended with an ice cream sandwich/cake for Landon. He ate every bite, seriously, which explains why he hit his first birthday at a whopping 25 lbs. He didn't get his build from his skinny mommy.

This is what Papa and I gave him as his gift. Much cooler than the old metal wagons. It seats two, had backrests, seatbelts, and little holders for sippee cups. Perfect for pulling him to local football games.

Another shot taken at Chuckie Cheese, and at one year old, he already likes video games. Daddy Jeremy seemed to like the paper crown Landon wasn't so crazy about. He wore it the entire evening. You have to love a 200 lb. man wearing a paper crown. But then, who's going to tease him about it?

Then we added to the family of four-leggeds. We have an eight year old Golden Retriever, who's nice and calm. Son Dan and his wife Janae were given an opportunity to be involved in a ministry that required them moving to an apartment that doesn't allow pets. So we're foster grandparenting their dog til we move south in about two years. Dublin is six months old, weighs 60 lbs, and thank the Lord he's housebroken. He flew on two planes, arriving here a few days ago, so life is a bit more active at our house. Yesterday, Dublin's first day here, was also the one day of the week Landon hangs out with me, and at the end of it, after I served burned frozen pizza and bag salad, I thanked my husband for being a man who stands above most men. Bless his heart for unending patience with me/us. Then I hauled my tired body to bed!

But then, look at him. Who wouldn't agree to take him for a couple of years? He's a sweetheart, if a bit stubborn, which could describe most of us on a good day, don't you think.
Back again soon. xoxoxo


  posted at 10:00 AM

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