Tuesday, January 08, 2008
Another Letter Home From Camp
Dear Dad and Mom,

It's been awhile since I've written, and The Woman told me it was time for another update. So much has happened, it's hard to know where to start.

Sometimes I just get silly, plus I think it helps wipe up some of the mud on the floor. Just trying to be helpful.

Well, what did I learn this month? Big news - I can go up and down the stairs! Sometimes I hop more like a rabbit, it's just so many legs to get going the same all at once. Sometimes I get stuck halfway up, halfway down, but there's a whole other floor below me that I didn't know about, and the stuff down there - endless delights. Anything the Woman doesn't want to deal with right now ends up there, and right now there's a whole box of crunchy bows and long ribbons - such fun to grab and run through the house with. The Woman tries to make me think she's mad but I've seen her snicker when I have them in my mouth. I suspect she thinks I look like a furry present. It's also where the cat hides now and then, and man alive is that fun, chasing her through the rooms. I think the fur that stays in my mouth when I catch her is helpful - less grooming necessary, but neither the cat or the Woman seems to agree with me. It's not like the cat is short on hair - I've see the hairballs and you'd think they'd appreciate the help.

I got to eat several of these this past month, before She grabbed them out of my mouth. Delicious!

The people put up what looked like a tree, but didn't smell like a tree, then they hung all sorts of crunchy and shiny things all over it, so tempting - it even had lights, but then horror of horrors, they put up a fence inside the house. Now all I can do is stand and look at it. Sad, sad. They let the cat through the fence, but not me.

The man is always happy to see me when he comes up the stairs at night. I stand there and wait and wait and wait after I hear the big machine noise. He comes up, and I cover him with hair and kisses and he seems to kind of like it. I know he always pets me before he kisses the Woman anyway. I think she should try more slobbery kisses for a change.

Our backyard is wonderfully muddy now, and Big Dog and I have such fun running through it. When we get to the back door, She gets that horrible look on her face, and sometimes she won't even let us in. Instead she comes out and growls at us, and locks us on the deck til the mud dries. That's okay - lots of fun sounds out there, and squirrels and birds and other dogs to watch. There are worse things than being locked outside. Unless it rains - then she just grabs us by the collar and drags us in, growling all the time while she rubs us down with towels and hauls us off to the kennels where we have to stay til the wet dog smell dies down a bit. I don't think it bothers the Man as much. At least when Woman gets like this, Man steps aside. Maybe he's gotten in trouble before for tracking in mud?

Licking up snow, leaving kisses on the back door.

I've overheard Woman talking on the phone lately - she has signed ME , just ME, up for something she keeps calling "obedience class", and another "walking the dog" - I don't know what either of them is, but it doesn't sound good. Once in awhile when I make her mad, she starts talking about 'class' while she gives me that look. I'm a little bit afraid. If you can explain this when you write, please do!
Not that anyone notices as much as they should, but I now go to my kennel without any fuss, I sit for my nightly cookie or an ice cube, and sometimes I come when they call me. Sometimes. I'm thinking a little more positive praise is in order, rather than threats of 'class'.

Woman has started bringing home all sorts of rolls of yarn, and once in awhile she forgets and leaves them on the edge of the sofa. Oh the joy - within seconds I can have them in a big snarled mess on the family room floor, and although I get in big trouble, the feel of all that wool snarled around my snout is still worth it. Personally, I prefer that Alpaca stuff over the Acrylic. It's a texture thing.
The people have also learned to do that talking with their eyes closed before they eat, with one of them keeping one eye open. Darn it! I was getting some good licks in before they wised up. It is sort of funny to watch them, one with their eyes closed, the other with one eye closed, and waving their hands at me while I try to grab nibbles of whatever's for dinner. And sometimes I'm quick enough to score!

So that's about what we've been up to this past month. Oh yeah, I sort of ate the rubber liner to the mat in the kennel and they took me to the vet in case I'd eaten too much of it, because the end result of it wasn't looking too good! (When she saw I poohed in the house, she grabbed the phone and dialed the vet lickety split!) I got special food, special pills that were wadded up in PEANUT BUTTER that she shoved to the roof of my mouth twice a day. They found out I weigh 70 lbs, not bad for 11 months old. And how smart was that to eat rubber, so I could go on a car trip, and come home to get PEANUT BUTTER TWICE A DAY! Good breeding I'd say to generate such brilliant genes.

So it's late, and I'm ready for bed. I've heard letters home generate gifts and my first birthday is only a month away - my wish list, anything paper or rubber, and a visit from you two.
I miss you Mom and Dad. xoxoxo Dubby

PS Happy Birthday to Uncle Chris, a true-blue dog lover at heart.


  posted at 10:13 AM

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