Sunday, May 18, 2008
Lately I've been sleeping like a baby, nine hours at night, then the urge to nap overcomes me before noon, and I find myself grabbing a soft comforter and heading to the nearest sofa.

Lately I've been looking in nooks and crannies of the house for CHOCOLATE! I don't really like chocolate, so what on earth this is about is beyond me. Today I finished off my husband's Easter chocolate saw and hammer. I left him the wrench.

Lately I've been craving routine, that life that matches kitchen towels of days gone by. Monday is wash day, Tuesday is ironing day, etc. etc.

So - any good, easy, low-maintenance routines out there? Anybody have any suggestions as to how to divide up this monstrous house, three floors, three bathrooms, five bedrooms, floors that show every single dog paw print, and carpets that are constantly covered with pet hair? I know the Fly Lady would tell me to start by getting dressed, putting on my shoes and shining the kitchen sink. Then what? I need suggestions as to how to keep this house presentable without it sucking the life out of me.

Routines, products, daily schedules, great websites that won't take me longer to read than it would to clean the house without them - I'd love some input. And a cleaning routine that includes daily naps and chocolate would work well too. Me, I'm headed to bed for another solid night's sleep, hoping I wake up feeling ready to grab the world by the horns tomorrow.


  posted at 10:19 PM

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